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Bagla Foundation is a non-profit organization that recognizes the importance of opening doors for exceptionally brilliant underprivileged children in India. Our vision is to create a future where possibilities, opportunities, and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of social, economic and gender biasness. We take a two-pronged approach: full financial support combined with on-going personal mentorship.

Aayansh means ‘Gift of God’. True to its n name, this scholarship identifies the gifted students and provides them the support and motivation to unleash their potential.

By creating a close-knit community of scholars with exceptional talent, we hope to create leaders who will be the inspiration and agents of change in their local communities.

We have no religious or political affiliations.

For 2019-20, Aayansh Scholarship will nurture and fund class XII students with exceptional and untapped capability from India to study at universities in the region for an undergraduate degree course.

The scholarship will include:

1. Full Financial Support

A full tuition fee paid for an undergraduate degree course

2. Mentorship

Pre-university: Intensive training course consisting of personal skill development, application guidance, leadership development, psychological mentoring, and cultural adjustment through workshops and exchange programmers.

During and post-university: career counsellors; pairing with working professionals; mentorship by older students; internal guidance; get togethers; workshops; debates

Criteria for Application:

✔✔Come from extremely difficult circumstances

✔✔ Untapped, bright potential

✔✔ Class XII Students

Selection Process:

Applications will go through extensive review by our panel and a select group of students will be chosen and will undergo two rounds of interviews