Making our Future Smile!

The Most Beautiful Thing in this World is when You See Someone Smiling, and the next best thing is knowing that you are the reason behind it.

On 17th July 2019, Bagla Foundation Team got the opportunity to make the children from Kalkaji / Govindpuri slum smile and jump with excitement. We took 30 kids, aged between 4 years to 6 years, from the Shanti Sahyog Pre – School, Kalkaji to the Playhouse by Essex Farm, and were delighted to see them adapt so naturally in the new environment. Few boys took the block building very seriously and intended to build the “tallest building” in the world. The girls did not shy away from driving the cars and bicycles. The more energetic ones loved to slide into the ball pool and try rock climbing. They played with utmost energy and exuberance, which was highly contagious and we also joined in. 

After few hours of playtime, we all indulged in some pizzas, noodles, pastas and fresh juices. The kids relished the food and were charged up again for one final round of games and nursery rhymes. As a parting gift, the children were each given a bottle to ensure the habit of drinking water and effectively beat the heat! We ended the afternoon with lots of cheers and a promise to see them soon again. 

This experience left us happy and content – we had amazing hours of unconditional love and fun.